Avante Zurich

If you ask what Avantre Zurich is, our answer might be somewhat like this – it is an international “lifestyle” trademark for work-study-and-create items.

The DNA of our brand comprises an independent mindset, constant aspiration to perfection and exploration of the new horizons. Knowing people’s needs and obtaining broad expertise in design and manufacturing allow us to come up with products, which are sincerely loved and inspire positive emotions.

It’s a matter of maximum importance for us to offer customers only the best – as design-wise, as well as in terms of quality. Delivering pleasure and satisfaction within daily pursuits perhaps makes up our mission.

Avantre Zurich’ bag of values is compact and utterly simple:
  • Nothing redundant. Only high-demanded products in each category.
  • Preimiumness is our everything. We take care of every detail.
  • Perfect combination of quality and price really matters.
  • Following design and fashion trends is our everyday homework.
All company’s actions and activities are guided by these principles and we do our best to make every product by Avantre comply with the set of our key values.

Enjoy cool discoveries!